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Radiance Automation is a home automation company and a certified Eloka Experience Partner (EEP).

Radiance automation is the leader of Smart Home technologies. We have partnered with over 50 leading international home automation companies to bring to our clients the best of smart home technologies. Radiance integrates everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security and smart phones.

Thus ehnancing our clients lives and works with added savings, peace of mind and convinience.Our systems have been designed to the highest and best architectural standards.

The beauty of Radiance and what sets it apart from other automated solutions is that Radiance designs home automation systems which match our clients budgets, big or small and allows them to add more controls down the road as time or budget allows.

  • Home Control

    • The user can control every thing in the house from Security, lighting , video and media control, from across the world through his Mobile or Tablet.
  • Security Management

    • Detects intrusions and unauthorised entries. Our security systems consist of multiple sensors installed at various points.
  • Energy Management

    • Radiance manages your home energy that is the balance of natural, artificial light and temperature automatically.
  • Safety Management

    • Stay safe from gas leaks and fires. On detecting smoke or a gas leak, our system turns off the gas, raises an alarm and even sms alerts.
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