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Burglar Alarm System
Surveillance Camera System
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Video Distribution
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Technology-Enabled Services
Elderly Monitoring
Children Monitoring
People with Disabilities
Asset Monitoring
Event Choreography

Please upload floor plans for your project. If you have to upload more than one file, kindly zip and send. If CAD files are not available, rough sketches drawn approximately to scale can be scanned as images and uploaded. Please email info@radianceautomation.in other relevant information and any additional drawings.

Key Objectives/ Comments:
  • Home Control

    • The Hi-Fi system can be controlled by the user you can control every thing in the house from Security, lighting , video and media control
  • Security Management

    • Detects intrusions and unauthorised entries. Our security systems consist of multiple sensors installed at various points.
  • Energy Management

    • Radiance manages your home energy that is the balance of natural, artificial light and temperature automatically.
  • Safety Management

    • Stay safe from gas leaks and fires. On detecting smoke or a gas leak, our system turns off the gas, raises an alarm and even sms alerts.
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